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Our products are produced from factories in China and Taiwan. With more than 20 years experience in the industry, we already establish close relationship with our customers worldwide by our continuous delivery of quality components and mindful service.

 As the industry is fast changing and transforming itself relentlessly, we are aware of the cutomer's drive to push for more quality and safety components. And with our ISO 9001 certifcated factories, our production sites are equipped with full testing equipments and uptodate laboratory to meet the industry standard.

Like the above said, having 20-years-more experience in the field, we witness the manufacture process shift from labor intensity to a more sophisticated combination process both of human labor and machines.
Standard components can be built from fully automated machines, but more practical approach should be several adapted subassembly automation machines that can build ready-make half-finished parts which can be assembled instantly to the final products specified by a customer with his/her unique demand.
Our mechanical components basically consist of plastic and metal parts which are either produced in house or acquired from our vendors nearby. The material are mostly from renowned global brand like Dupond, GE, Naya..etc.

The parts production process involve molding, stamping, riveting, or printing. Prise tooling is always a must to perfect the production skills. Prototypes or mockup samples can be delivered before formal approvals.

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