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To fulfill the wish of our customers who not only need electromechanical components themselves, but a key assembly to be installed to their products, which the the printed circuit board assembly. And our role as a manufacture service provider is just right to answer that wish.In 2016, we began to provide the service to our customers, starting from small projects with very competitive cost, then we extended the lines to more advanced manfucturment. We can do the pcba with dip components or mounted it with smt parts. Cable assembly service is usually required to connected to the pcba. And we are able to offer that too.

Our service first is offered to the our customers nearby our factory, and gradually with our professional team of engineers and quality inspectors, we now are ready to explore the export business. So please contact us for any of yoru PCBA requirement!

Producton Overview
SMT Lines Dip Lines

Production Equipments
Machine No.     Machine No.
Molding Machine 2   Drying Oven 2
Soldering Robots 20   Transistor Lead Forming 2
Wire Stripper 5   Reflow 2
Dispenser 4   Automatic Terminal Crimping Several
Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine 5   Shrink Tube Oven 1
V-cut PCB Separater 1   Automatic Shrink Tube Cutter 1
SMT, Brand: Juki 2   Wave Solder 2
Semi-Auto Solder Paste Printer 2   SMT, Brand: Panasonic 3
Automatic Solder Paste Printer 2   ACF attachment 1
Impulse Welder 1   Ultrasonic Welding 2
High Speed Mounter Multi-Function Mounter Automatic Solder Paste Printer

Testing Instruments Equipments
Machine No.     Machine No.
Cable Tester 6   FCT, Function Check Test Several
SPI-Soldering Paste Inspection Machine 1   ICT, In Circuit Test 6
AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection 2   X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer 1
Human Body Integrated Electrostatic Tester 1   Electrostate Field Meter 1
Surface Resistivity Meter 1   Digital LCR Meter 1
DC Low Resistance Ohmmeter 1   Electrostatic Tester 1
Tension Gauge 2   Ground Resistance Tester  1
X-ray 1   Torque Tester 4
Force Gauge 5   Soldering Tip Thermometer 5
PCBA-ipqc ICT-in circuit test X-ray
PCBA-FCT test AOI-Automatic Optical Inspection SPI-soldering paste inspection machine


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