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Printing Workshop (Click the Photo to a enlarged view )

Our factory is composed of different manufacture processes, one of them is printing, a small workshop but of extreme importance, because it is the artwork of the print over the product determines how you feel the quality of the product!
In the cousre of our development, not only that we print the standard legend marks on our components, for example:
On or Off indicator Cotrol Function Mark

but we encounter many customers' request to  help inject the plastic parts and print their artwork there as a value-added service ( See the above photo of the examples ). So if you have any need of the printing service, please contact our sales, you will sure get the quality print with cost-effective product.
The components we produced are usually requested of marks, model no., date-code or specific legend by the customers. Thus, we apply the pad-printing as the solution since the ink can be efficiently transferred to the substrate(components), and with precision. The shape of our components is not always flat and can be with different angle or curve plates that the soft rubber pad is a good tool to deliver the ink to the required area. 
Ink-Harder Mixture SOP
We also use robotic machines of pad printing for mass production whereas the vibration feeder delivers the components to a directed track lined up to a correct position and printed by the pad. Then the components are transferred to an oven or UV light device to harden the ink. Manual feeding of the components to the pad-printing machines are still widely applied and depended on the customized artwork or shape of the components.

Since our components are basically for industrial usage, different inks with requested color mixture will be added with hardening chemicals and solvents to give the best printing performance. Of course different subject material will need different mixture and inks.
Visual Inspection of Printed Compoent SOP
The mixed semi-liquid ink have a short life span that if not used in time, or mixed incorrectly, it can be a disaster because either the print will not adhere to the surface, blurring, dimming layer of inks can occur. That would be loss in production and even incurs quality problem in the customers.

So we have strict quality control over the produces. Timely check of the correct mixture written into the SOP, and final destructive tests are applied to make sure the ink is firmly adhered to the surface.

Destructive Test of the Ink-Printing

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